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Rolex Submariner Replica

Caliber 3120 was used in the ref. 15400, making the watch beat at 4 Hz and providing 70 hours of power reserve.

To differentiate itself from its predecessor, the dial needed to be updated and improved.Fake Rolex Submariner The 3 o'clock date window is now closer to the dial, the hour markers are longer but thicker, and the 'Automatic inscription has been deleted. The minute track is now printed on a band at the edge of the "Grande Tapisserie". These changes result in a dial that is cleaner and more spacious. This is a welcome update to the Royal Oak and a great way of marking a transition from an older model to a newer one.

The Royal Oak's Caliber 4302 is powered by the ref. 15500. ((c)Revolution)

The watch feels large on the wrist. This feeling is reinforced by the ample space on the dial. Some may argue that the large dial causes visual imbalance, but it draws you closer to the "Grande Tapisserie" pattern. You might find yourself staring at the dial for long periods depending on the angle of the light.

The watch is actually thicker thanks to the new Caliber 4302.Omega Seamaster Replica The case is 10.4mm thick and the bracelet is made of full steel. This can make the watch feel heavy to smaller wrists. It was definitely something I felt when I first put the watch on my wrist. But that feeling quickly disappeared because it is a Royal Oak and it is damn good!